Christa Marie, registered nurse and owner of Restorative Health Solution, explains how the acuscope and myopulse treatments helped her recover from a number of severe injuries.

How It Works

The Acuscope effectively improves and repairs nerve conductivity. The device is a pain management system that works predominantly through the nervous system and brain tissue. Using the linear pathways of current flow, such as the nerves, meridians, and dermatomes (areas of skin directly affected by specific nerve roots), the instrument is able to deliver an electrical current at less than a millionth of an amp. This current penetrates at the cellular level, which opens the ion-sensitive gates within the cells and triggers the repair mechanisms within them. Once the cells become permeable, toxins and waste are able to exit while nutrients are able to flow in freely. The Acuscope is programmed to constantly measure electrical output from living tissue. This allows detection of abnormal electrical signals caused by inflammation, toxins, and injury. The Acuscope adjusts itself according to the output of the living tissue and sends a precise corrective micro-amperage current to the area. Over a series of sessions the treatments have a positive cumulative effect which restores the once resistant tissue to normal conductivity.

The Myopulse is used as a complete rehabilitation tool. It has the ability to detect abnormalities within the electrical field of the muscle groups, muscle fibers, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and fascia. Much like the Acuscope, the Myopulse is equipped with micro-chip technology that measures the output of living tissue and is able to send out counter balancing micro-amperage to the injured area which restores the proper conductivity of the cells and enables the body’s natural healing process.

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The Myopulse is also used for beauty treatments! Areas of focus include but are not limited to: fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, scarring, stretch marks, hyper pigmentation, bruising, rosacea, eczema, swelling/puffiness, and dark circles.

Our Philosophy

At Restorative Health Solution, we are committed to providing you with treatments that are personalized, therapeutic and relaxing. We customize our services to suit the unique needs of each and every guest. Our goal is to deliver immediate and visible results that will make a positive difference in your life.

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Terms of Service

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