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Nearly 35 years after being created, the Ionithermie system of treatments and products gives its name to an entire range of products dedicated to the body’s well-being … making it smooth, energized, slim, toned, and sparkling with vitality.

Starting with your first very treatment, cellulite is visibly reduced, toxins and excess fluids are flushed from the tissues, the figure is reshaped and skin is beautifully reconditioned. Here’s the best part: inch-loss is immediate! For women (and men!) wanting immediate, sustainable, significant results – even on stubborn areas of cellulite – the Body Slim treatment is for you!

The Body Slim treatment works on the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, legs, waist and arms … anywhere you need inch-loss and the dimpled look of cellulite to be diminished. The treatment is based the use of medical, therapeutic and aesthetic concepts: the incorporation of natural essences from plants and the sea, and the therapeutic use of heat.

Lost 5.5 inches after 1 body slim treatment

Lost 5.5 inches after 1 body slim treatment

Lost 56 inches after 13 body slim treatments

Results after 10 body slim treatments

Results within 3 weeks

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