Body sculpting for men

Body Sculpting for Men

Are you killing yourself at the gym and not getting the results you want … let alone not fast enough?

Thanks to the Body Slim for Men Body Sculpting System, those days are over!

If you’re just getting started … this will jump start you.

If you want a workout without having to work out … game on! This is definitely for you.

If you are already healthy and in shape … this will take you to the NEXT level.


Results Are Instant and Sustainable

After your initial consultation, we will recommend one of the following body sculpting treatments. Each body sculpting treatment segment lasts for 40 minutes.

abs of steel

ABS OF STEEL:  Builds core strength, firms and  contours the abs, sheds love handles. Strong core means no more back pain!


QUADZILLA:  Strengthens quads and glutes, boosting speed, strength, agility, stamina, and flexibility of the lower body.


TKO:  Increases muscle mass and builds strength in the arms, chest, and back.


BULLET: Builds and strengthens calves, hamstrings, and abs. (The treatment may be modified to calves, glutes, and abs.)


TRANSFORMER PLAN: Total of 10 treatments including Abs of Steel, Quadzilla, TKO, and Bullet. Configuration based on the initial Body Sculpting Consultation.


SUPERMAN BODY PLAN: Total of 20 treatments: 5 Abs of Steel, 5 Quadzilla, 5 TKO, and 5 Bullet treatments. The plan can be configured differently based on the initial Body Sculpting Consultation.

power booster

POWER BOOSTER Maintenance Plan: Keeps you tuned up, energized, and super strong so you can continue to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Attention! The Body Slim Body Sculpting treatment doesn’t stop working when you walk out the door. It continues to work for 2 days. Your cells remain permeable (open) so the fat continues to flush out. Your circulation and metabolism are still improving during this time.

This means:

  • you are supercharged with energy
  • your metabolism is fired up
  • your circulation is going strong
  • you continue to burn fat
  • and your muscles are stronger and more defined!

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