Distance or Remote Healing

If you feel that distance or travel is a barrier to you getting healed, read about our remote healing options.

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How Remote Healing Works

Remote sessions utilize a person’s energetic fields. If you are open to receiving energy from a distance then you will be able to benefit greatly from remote healing sessions. I’m able to work with your energetic body and go beyond just the physical being, this is what makes this type of treatment so effective.

During your session, I will help you release any emotional trauma that is inhibiting your healing. This is a surprisingly simple and fast process. Contrary to what many people believe, HEALING doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take a long time. The only requirement is that you are ready and willing. When you acknowledge stored or suppressed emotions and release them through my unique process, you will experience both physical and emotional healing at the same time.

Life comes with lessons and blessings. Although there may be pain and hardships in those lessons, there’s always a silver lining – it may not feel like it at the time but once you work through it, you will see how bright you are shining, how strong you are, and your true self will emerge. This is when a shift in consciousness occurs. Everything will look different with this new perspective and you capacity to move forward with health and happiness will come to the forefront.

“What we resist, persists”

Allow me to support you emotionally in releasing and freeing yourself of old patterns so you can step into a higher state of awareness.

remote healing

What Clients Say about Remote Healing

Christa is quite intuitive and does amazing work! I’ve had several remote healing sessions with the Acuscope/Myopulse. I have to admit I was skeptical. After the first few sessions, my gnarly scar tissue softened on old and new scars and were less itchy as well. Recently I called her with an acute illness right before my move with fever, hip and shoulder aches, and shaking chills. She treated me during the night and I sweated all night with alternating hot and cold. The next morning I was able to do what I needed to do to get myself moved! I thought I was going to have to get an extension! Thanks Christa!



My peroneal tendinitis is healed. I had been having pain in the outer side of my foot when Christa did a healing session with me. As she spoke in her light language I felt warmth in that foot, and the pain left me. My foot is healed. Thank you, Christa!


Scottsdale, AZ

After not having exercised for a long time, I pulled my back working out. I had a hard time getting up all day as a result of that. I contacted Christa and she suggested we do a remote healing session. The next morning, my back was back to normal! Thank you, Christa!


Tucson, Arizona

Christa healed my heart! She is an angel on earth. Not figuratively but literally. Her kindness, warmth and love are unparalleled. I’ve worked with a number of gifted healers. But Christa is different. Completely egoless, humble and powerful, she is also incredibly generous. She helped me resolve an emotional issue I carried all my life that I wondered if I would ever heal. I eagerly look forward to my next session with her. I couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you earth angel, Christa!

Tom Mitchell

New York

This is Loida Torres. I watched Christa Marie in Jeff Mara’s podcast on the 17th of September, 2021. That was the time I’m looking for an answer on how I will feel better. It’s almost two months that I’ve been experiencing a very low energy that I cannot do my daily walk or simple exercise and I was in bed most of the time. My symptoms started after I’ve been doing techniques on how to eliminate negative thoughts & stay positive to be included in 4th density. I can easily reverse my negative thoughts but my body is harder to transform. I even ask the channeler on how my body energy will increase but no response and I even consulted a medium … suggested me to walk to nature. I could even hardly drive.I know I’m in good health cause I was just recently seen by MD. I texted Christa Marie soon I watched the podcast. Then I got a text messages & she sent me a prayer that I can listen anytime for healing. I didn’t waste time …. I listened several times the night I received it . The following day … I able to walk 800 steps… I do simple yoga… I do my cooking and most of all my dizziness is gone. I’m happier & at peace. Today is the 2nd day … I able to drive 30 miles away from my home & I did my grocery.
Thank you Christa for your generosity. Through the power of your love & deep compassion… I feel alive & well than before. 🙏❤️👍

Loida Torres

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