Ionithermie has been featured on TV and in national publications:

“Ionithermie is a revolutionary skin treatment combining galvanic and faradic stimuli, thermal clay and essential plant extracts. You may have experienced these treatments on international cruise ships or travels abroad.”

“Visible toning after first session, with continued improvements after subsequent visits. No stinging during procedure–just a cool sensation from the clay mask.”
First For Women

“Ionithermie is ideal for brides because sometimes the loss of a few inches can make their wedding dresses fit better.”
—Renew Magazine

“The Ionithermie Firming Facial helps reduce sagging by stimulating facial muscles with electrical currents.”
—In Style

“After Ionithermie, my circulation feels as if it’s on overdrive, similar to after a workout. Days later, the skin on my butt and thighs still looks somewhat smoother.”
—Self Magazine

“‘I’ve seen treatments like Ionithermie shrink thighs by an inch in circumference,’ says Mitchel Goldman, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California San Diego Medical Center.”
—Oprah Magazine

“One 60 minute Ionithermie Treatment can remove an inch or two from your thighs.”

“With Ionithermie, electrodes placed on your chest make muscles contract, giving you perkier breasts.”

“Stubborn cellulite can be strong armed at a day spa with mechanical body contouring treatments like Ionithermie, that go far deeper than human touch.”
—Spa Magazine

“Ionithermie is the ideal treatment for dieters who want a thinning boost, or anyone desperate to fit into tight jeans by next Friday.”
New York Post

“Ionithermie’s magic involves positive and negative galvanic currents, which penetrate the skin and loosen hardened toxins.”
—W Magazine

“Ionithermie’s electrical stimuli, thermal clay and algae boost the metabolism and tone bottom muscles.”
—Marie Claire

“All of us who would like a tighter tummy should try out an lonithermie treatment … It works brilliantly.”

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