Restorative Health Solution for Athletes

Restorative Health Solution, operated by Christa Feist, RN, is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based restorative health provider for athletes. Its treatments and therapies are noninvasive and drug free, using bio-compatible energy at the cellular level, providing effective rehabilitation from sports injuries as well as increasing speed, strength, and endurance in the patient. Following is a description of each treatment.

How the Acuscope and Myopulse Treatments Heal Injuries

acuscope myopulse therapy

The Acuscope and Myopulse medical devices used at Restorative Health Solution provide non-surgical and drug-free treatment that bring about complete pain relief and tissue and cell rehabilitation by using bio-compatible energy that enables the body’s own natural healing process.

The Acuscope device effectively improves and repairs nerve conductivity. The device is a pain management system that works predominantly through the nervous system and brain tissue. Using the linear pathways of current flow, such as the nerves, meridians, and dermatomes (areas of skin directly affected by specific nerve roots), the instrument is able to deliver an electrical current at less than a millionth of an amp. This current penetrates at the cellular level, which opens the ion-sensitive gates within the cells and triggers the repair mechanisms within them. Once the cells become permeable, toxins and waste are able to exit while nutrients are able to flow in freely. The Acuscope is programmed to constantly measure electrical output from living tissue. This allows detection of abnormal electrical signals caused by inflammation, toxins, and injury. The Acuscope adjusts itself according to the output of the living tissue and sends a precise corrective micro-amperage current to the area. Over a series of sessions the treatments have a positive cumulative effect, which restores the once resistant tissue to normal conductivity.

The Myopulse device is used as a complete rehabilitation tool. It has the ability to detect abnormalities within the electrical field of the muscle groups, muscle fibers, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and fascia. Much like the Acuscope, the Myopulse is equipped with micro-chip technology that measures the output of living tissue and is able to send out counter-balancing micro-amperage to the injured area, which restores the proper conductivity of the cells and enables the body’s natural healing process.

How the Ionithermie Treatment Increases Speed, Strength, and Endurance

The Ionithermie system is very effective at increasing speed, muscle strength, and endurance. It is also a non-surgical and drug-free treatment that works at the cellular level, therefore producing results not just in the area being treated but throughout the body.

These results are achieved by:

  • Highly concentrated products with active ingredients such as protein and amino acids, ATP, RNA, seaweed, ivy, and guarana extracts, which increase cellular energy.
  • A warm conductive clay diffuse the active ingredients over the entire treatment area.
  • Micronized algae (seaweed) combined with the clay detoxifies and remineralizes the body.
  • Iontophoresis (galvanic current) causes the cellular membrane to become permeable, propels active ingredients to the cellular level, enhancing their effectiveness.
  • Muscle stimulation (faradic current) causes vasodilation of the blood vessels increasing circulation. It also stimulates the motor nerves, causing a tetanic type contraction of the muscles as well as neighboring muscle groups, instantly increasing strength. It also accelerates the flushing of excess fluid movement and metabolic waste in swollen tissue, increasing metabolism and detoxing the tissue, and improves venous and lymphatic drainage.

These components of the Ionithermie treatment combined deliver an instant increase in speed, strength, endurance.

Although exercise is widely preferred by athletes to achieve strength, speed, and endurance, medical research reported by Russian scientist Dr. Yakov Kots suggests that electrical stimulation (using faradic current) was a more effective way to improve strength in either atrophied muscles or in muscle already functioning at normal strength levels. Not only did Kots report that electrical stimulation-induced contractions produced 10-30% greater isometric force than did maximal voluntary contractions, but electrical stimulation-based programs resulted in strength improvements of 30%-40% in already highly trained athletes.

These electrical stimulation-based programs, such as the Ionithermie treatment by Restorative Health Solution, stimulate the deeper muscles as well as superficial muscles. When exercising muscles voluntarily, the muscle is torn down and then it has to rebuild. At that time lactic acid is released in the body as a result of not having enough oxygen to meet the demands of the muscle fibers.

The treatment used at Restorative Health Solution stimulates minor and major muscle groups simultaneously without the formation of lactic acid, because the circulation is increased at the cellular level, meeting the oxygen demands of the muscles. ATP is activated within the cells, while they are remineralized with protein, amino acids, and trace minerals.

The end result of our treatments is instantly firmer, stronger muscles with an overall increase in speed, strength, and endurance.

Acuscope Myopulse Case Studies

The following are case studies for the effectiveness of the Acuscope-Myopulse therapy. Click on a link to open up a PDF document:

Select Testimonials for the Acuscope Myopulse Treatment from PGA Golfers

Jack Nicklaus credits the Acuscope & Myopulse with lengthening his career, which was threatened by persistent elbow tendonitis. “I was flinching at every shot … this definitely was threatening my career … two treatments combined with some exercises and it was gone within a week … my pain was gone and the elbow stopped hurting”.

In 1986 Jack won the Masters at age 46 and said, “This year at The Masters, I worked with Paul every night (Paul Callaway, head physical therapist on the PGA Tour and his Acuscope equipment)… it was a good week to be healthy”. “This definitely lengthened my career and the career of others out here on the PGA Tour”.

Jack Nicklaus was so impressed by the treatments, says Nicklaus, “I’ve had tendonitis problems in both my wrists and elbows. I got tremendous results. It stopped hurting and what I really like about the instruments is that you can’t over treat the injury.” He further claims that the Myopulse and Acuscope in the hands of his therapist helped prolong his golfing career, assisting the healing process with a variety of other injuries and surgeries.

Fuzzy Zoeller: “It’s a very good thing. It’s a shame we didn’t have that seven or eight years I might not have had that surgery”.

Hale Irwin: “I had to play the last 14 holes and was limping and gimping around. Hopefully the little machine will do wonders again. I had it on my shoulder the early part of the year, and it works! I have to say that, it works”.

Testimonial text source:

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