Healing from Pain, Illness, and Injuries

Our Acuscope-Myopulse treatments are noninvasive and drug free, using bio-compatible energy at the cellular level, providing effective rehabilitation from sports and other injuries.

Body Contouring & Anti-Cellulite Treatments

Get the body you want & lose up to 8 sustainable inches per session! Our body contouring system lifts, slims, firms, tones, tightens, detoxifies, remineralizes your body, and reduces cellulite.

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I couldn’t get rid of my love handles. I have tried different diets and also exercise. Nothing was working. I decided to try Body Slim Spa. I was skeptical at first but it really worked. My abs were firmer and I was able to tighten my belt 2 notches.


Amazing…I lost 33 inches and 2 sizes with just 15 treatments. I have more energy and have kept the inches off! It has truly changed my life. I recommend it to anyone that wants to feel better about his or herself. I love the way I look and feel!


My name is Karla and I had a left total knee surgery on July 20th. I have been receiving these treatments from Christa since my surgery. It has completely rid me of most pain and inflammation and has definitely sped up my recovery process. It will be 8 weeks on Monday Sept 14th since my surgery. I have been released from my doctor to return to work at that time. Christa is a wonderful, caring, and intelligent woman. She has a tremendous desire to help people get rid of pain, anxiety, depression and many other issues people have to deal with on a daily basis. I highly recommend her to help you in any way she can. Give her a call for a consultation and schedule your first treatment now. You will not believe the difference until you try it!!!

Karla R.

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