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Former NFL player and Scottsdale, AZ financial advisor Eddie Grant had pain and limited range of motion since his knee injury in his youth. He is pain free with full range of motion since his treatments at Restorative Health Solution.

Ryan shares about his daughter’s healing from sports injuries after being treated at Restorative Health Solution with Acuscope-Myopulse therapy.

Avril Jones talks about the amazing recovery of color vision she had lost due to a childhood accident.

Incredible results of healing from Ricky, a veteran from Iowa with PTSD.

This testimonial is from a veteran, awarding Christa the “Veterans Most Helpful Ally Award.”

Robert Burdsal, owner of Move-N-U, a moving company in Scottsdale, AZ, suffered from serious back pain. Hear his testimonial about Restorative Health Solution.

This testimonial is from a client who is a crossfit trainer and strength and conditioning coach. He had a knee injury and sustained muscle and tendon damage. He had done physical therapy and saw minimal results. After four Acuscope treatments his knee was 100% with full range of motion and no pain.

Amanda Katherine from Bettendorf, IA, came to Christa at Restorative Health Solution with leg pain and inflammation.

Karen from Fountain Hills, AZ shares the story of how her 10-year hip problem was healed after visiting Restorative Health Solution.

Brian Anderson talks about how he overcame his 15-year back pain with just a few Acuscope Myopulse treatments at Restorative Health Solution.

Michael shares how his back pain went away after being treated with Acuscope-Myopulse therapy.

Testimony from one of our patients from Iowa, who found our treatment to be the only solution for her chronic pain.

Atilla Vekony mentions Restorative Health Solution and the acuscope-myopulse treatment’s success during a Small Business Growth Summit event.

Aoefa from Tucson came to Christa with lower back and neck pain! Hear about the results!

Ed from Scottsdale, AZ, came to Christa at Restorative Health Solution with neck pain. Hear about the results!

I am so glad I took the step to contact Christa Feist. I cannot remember when I felt so alive, hopeful, and restored. I can’t even begin to think of where to start. My mood, focus, mental acuity, determination, will, concentration, cognitive processes, everything has improved 10 fold. After being a victim of the VA Health Care system, being prescribed this pill for that, and that pill to negate side effect of X medicine. If I laid it all out, it would look like a Quantum Physics equation…lol.

The positively astounding effects of this treatment, nutritional emphasis, moderated drinking, proper sleep hygiene, and physical activity daily is inexplicable. I have never felt so recharged, lifted, and ready to take on the world!

With these new changes, I rationalize thoughts that I would have dealt with in a completely different manner in the past. I’m beginning to see every adversity as an opportunity to overcome fear, insecurity, pride, hurting, and the plethora of other reasons why people interact the way they choose to.

I am ecstatic to return for more sessions. This is life changing and I can’t imagine returning to the abyss I was in a week ago!
I’m so thankful for everything that has transpired. It has and continues to be a gift from GOD.

Kaleb W.

U.S Army and Marines Veteran

The Electro-Acuscope treatments have yielded another benefit. My Raynaud’s Phenomenon condition is significantly improved. It took less than 4 seconds for the blood to circulate in my hand when it was compressed and released! That is a world of difference. I use to have to wear gloves all the time and even then my hands and toes would turn white and painful. Not anymore. I also would have to be limited as to what type of work I could do because of this condition. Installing cable outside during winter, handling frozen meat, or anything else involving cold were outside of my realm. Simply amazed. Thank you Christa Feist.

Kaleb W.

U.S Army and Marines Veteran

OMG! What an enormous difference with just a few treatments while visiting in the QCA. Back pain & depression substantially decreased even with all the work to duplex & stress of multiple “Real Life” as it happens events. If this can work that fast with physical & emotional issues alike, I suggest anyone with chronic symptoms check it out. Thank you Christa for improving my symptoms/preventing what could have been a setback situation. Feeling so much better now.

LoraLe W.

I have been suffering with foot problems for years. I have gone to foot doctors and have had inserts made to try to improve my walking and decrease foot pain. Nothing seemed to help. A friend recommended Christa and how she had helped with my friend’s problems. After my first visit I felt a lot less foot pain and numbness. I had been given a big improvement in my ability to walk pain free. Subsequent treatments have strengthened my ankle and eliminated numbness in my feet. I now feel I can go on walks and hikes without worrying about having sore feet. The treatment is non-invasive and requires no medication. I have my life back. For the first time in years I feel mobility security.

Anne D.

I was in severe pain everyday, all day. It got so bad I bought wrist braces so I could get a  little relief. It got to where both hands and fingers lost mobility, feeling, and range of motion. At one point I wasn’t able to use them. My first visit I couldn’t open my fingers, I had little to no feeling in my hands. By the time Christa was done my fingers were open, I could move them, and more importantly no severe pain. I still couldn’t move my wrists, but it was a huge improvement compared to when I got there. I also had sores that the treatment healed within a few days instead of taking a week or so to heal. As the treatments went on I got feeling back and the swelling went down. I was able to start therapy for range of motion by my 3rd treatment.

By my fifth treatment I was able to do some things that I did before like sewing a button on a pair of pants, work, and live without severe pain everyday. After the 6th treatment I am on my way to recovery under the watchful eye of Christa Feist. Thank you Christa for all of your help and getting me where I am today. If something didn’t tell you to watch the news that night I would never have known about Acuscope/Myopulse and I would still be in pain. Thank you to you and God for your healing.

Anissa S.

It is crazy how well the acuscope treatments work! Today I did a treatment for addiction to cigarettes and tobacco. That was at 11:15AM today. It is now 10:01PM and I have not had a single urge or craving for a cigarette. I am not even wearing a patch. Thank you Christa Feist!

Kaleb W.

U.S Army and Marines Veteran

I had a treatment last week on my knee, I was experiencing pain all the time and I had to stop running.The treatment Christa gave me was incredible! I left with no pain and the inflammation in the IT band was also gone! I can’t wait to see her again so she can work on my other knee. If your experiencing any kind of pain, give this a try, it’s pretty awesome.

Amanda A.

There used to be a burning pain in my back that I felt almost every day, and now, because Christa fixed my posture, I can run and do other activities without hurting! Thank you!

Sara V.

My name is Karla and I had a left total knee surgery on July 20th. I have been receiving these treatments from Christa since my surgery. It has completely rid me of most pain and inflammation and has definitely sped up my recovery process. It will be 8 weeks on Monday Sept 14th since my surgery. I have been released from my doctor to return to work at that time. Christa is a wonderful, caring, and intelligent woman. She has a tremendous desire to help people get rid of pain, anxiety, depression and many other issues people have to deal with on a daily basis. I highly recommend her to help you in any way she can. Give her a call for a consultation and schedule your first treatment now. You will not believe the difference until you try it!!!

Karla R.

I visited Christa’s Restorative Health Solution facility for her Acuscope/Myopulse treatments, initially as I was searching for a cure for my low vision.  I didn’t know what to expect, though I came to the treatments as a life-long athlete, with all of the typical chronic injuries to lower extremities, back shoulders and neck common to multi-sport athletes.  A few years ago I developed, subsequent to a bout of misdiagnosed meningitis, a deep vein thrombosis in my left leg, which ran from my groin to ankle. It had me bed-ridden for the treatments for 2 weeks before the doctor would let me move normally, and I stayed on blood thinners for 6 months. Since then, my left leg has always been swollen, with poor peripheral circulation, and discoloration of the calf, ankle and foot on that side.

As stated above, I was visiting Christa’s facility searching for a therapeutic aid for my low vision, as my eyesight was also a victim of the meningitis.  After undergoing just a few treatments, my feet were no longer swelling, and the discoloration was gone. This has remained the case since flying home and being here for a week’s time! An unexpected, but very important benefit is had.

Other benefits I’ve noticed are that my neck and back pain have disappeared, whereas before there was always a low-level, chronic nagging pain/discomfort which would interfere with my relaxation and sometimes my sleep. My hands and wrists, which used to ache a bit after strenuous exertion, have not done so after the past two workouts, and I’ve not had a headache since being treated.

Thanks Christa!

John P.

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