What People Are Saying About the Remote Healing Sessions…

“I originally reached out to Christa Marie to help me heal some of my childhood traumas. But as our work progressed, it became apparent that she is so much more than a healer. In Truth, she is Divinity walking on earth helping anyone who is ready to manifest the greatest miracle in the whole entire Cosmos … Remembering and Being The Divinity That We Are which Heals and Frees All. Thank you Christa Marie. You Are a Blessing and I Love You.” — Lulu

Christa is quite intuitive and does amazing work! I’ve had several remote healing sessions with the Acuscope/Myopulse. I have to admit I was skeptical. After the first few sessions, my gnarly scar tissue softened on old and new scars and were less itchy as well. Recently I called her with an acute illness right before my move with fever, hip and shoulder aches, and shaking chills. She treated me during the night and I sweated all night with alternating hot and cold. The next morning I was able to do what I needed to do to get myself moved! I thought I was going to have to get an extension! Thanks Christa!



My brother-in-law, Brent, is in the hospital in critical condition with Covid. He hasn’t been able to talk to anyone for 4 days and the doctors notified us he was getting worse. His oxygen levels kept dropping. I contacted Christa that morning and asked her for an emergency healing. Well it WORKED! We were shocked to get a call from Brent that night! He said it was a miracle he could breathe! He let us know he was getting out of ICU and feeling wonderful! He thanked us for all our prayers and is hoping to come home soon. Christa is an angel sent from God! I’m so grateful she is in our lives and am now a true believer in her healing abilities! God Bless Christa!

Trisha E.

Christa healed my heart! She is an angel on earth. Not figuratively but literally. Her kindness, warmth and love are unparalleled. I’ve worked with a number of gifted healers. But Christa is different. Completely egoless, humble and powerful, she is also incredibly generous. She helped me resolve an emotional issue I carried all my life that I wondered if I would ever heal. I eagerly look forward to my next session with her. I couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you earth angel, Christa!

Tom Mitchell

New York

remote healing before and after

Immediate before and after picture of remote healing.



Christa Marie is an exceptionally skilled energy healer. She has many divine gifts that she has been given and they are all passed on to you during an appointment with her. She is connected completely to spirit during the sessions she has with people and spirit is working through her to bring exactly what you need when you need it during the appointment. After an appointment with Christa you just naturally feel so blessed that you have her on your side. Whatever you are going through on any level, however difficult you think your issue is, there is nothing impossible in Christa’s world. Miracles happen around Christa regularly because she is someone who walks her talk. While this may all seem too good to be true, you will see as I have that the incredible divine love in her is authentic and real. I can also tell you from experience that hopelessness and discouragement are transformed when encountering Christa. She helps you find your own power, your own strength within yourself and this is truly priceless.

Bill Shimeal


I had healing session with Christa last December 17, 2021, cause of several issues that is unbearable. One of them is the feeling of fear that there is fire in my bathroom. Second is the incident happened way back 10 years ago that I mishandled my finances due to my depression. Third, my issues with my children questioning my parental ability. Those memories made me feel so inadequate & unfulfilled despite of trying hard to have a better life.

I had distant healing with Christa … she prayed several times for me till I feel better. No need to wait for few days to get results. Her spiritual healing works immediately.

I highly highly recommended her cause I’ve had several healers who helped me but Christa has different approach that will give an immediate relief. The hardest pain to handle is emotional pain. And that’s her highest power… to make someone feel better. Thank you Christa! 🙏💜🤗

Loida Torres

I have been in touch with Christa for the last 6-7 months and this is my second healing. Last evening I had a very bad nerve problem running down my right leg, which felt very dull and lifeless. My legs were feeling very fatigued and had to sit every 10-12 mins. I listened to Christa’s prayers over the phone line and repeated it periodically. Again, I listened today in the morning. Glad to tell you, it has completely gone. Thanks to dear Christa and thanks to Jesus. Bless you all.

Nandini Sinha

Mumbai, India

A few amazing things happened since our healing session 8 days ago. Some very difficult things were presented in life within this last week and although initially I reacted with my ingrained default setting, it didn’t take long to pull back and see that I was handed a blessing and this blessing is changing my life! I know that I would not have been able to see it all before and now I see with such clarity. I am able to move in the flow and there is no other way but the truth. I can do this in my higher self and in love. I have never felt real happiness but now, it’s as if I have found my song again and I still know it!

Thank you for coming back and assisting us in finding who we really are. 

Robin M.

New Jersey

Christa provided me with an over the phone healing!
She’s an kind, amazing soul! A true angel!

She helped lift the depression away from me and during my session with her, she gave me peace from sadness, anger, loneliness and fear. This is definitely what I needed to get rid of the emotional baggage. Just that one phone call has helped with a decades long struggle of worry and dread surrounding my family’s safety and well being.

She put me at ease during my call with her and made me feel comfortable and safe for me to open up, which isn’t easy for me.

I would highly recommend to book a session with her, you will not be disappointed.



I am so grateful to share a healing miracle I received working with Christa Marie last year.

Ever since age 16, I had been struggling with a bad back. I was told by doctors I had scoliosis, and later that my right leg was shorter than my left by over an inch (1.1 inches). For years I struggled with the pain, and also struggling emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I tried many things to heal. Over a period of time, as I searched for healing, my faith developed and I believed in miracles and forgiveness. I believed God/Source would want me to have a healthy back. I prayed for this a lot in 2021.

In 2022 I saw Christa Marie being interviewed on a podcast. She spoke about miracles, healing gifts, and how she wishes to help. It was amazing, and uplifting to hear. I believed that it was possible to receive a healing miracle for my pain and leg difference. Fortunately, I was able to schedule a session soon after.

Just briefly, I’ll say the session felt divinely guided to what I needed, and healing. After the session, I soon went to sleep, and dreamt a deep dream related to our session and forgiveness and letting go. I awoke and went to work. An hour later the thought came to check my leg length. I checked a marker at a point on the knees I’d used many times before to make sure (Most of the difference being below the knees), and for the first time since I was a young kid, my legs were completely equal in length. There was no mistaking it. I was in awe. I was like, Woah…

My back started healing and I needed just one more session to complete the healing. It is now completely healed and straight. For the first time in 26 years, since I was 14 or 15 I walk evenly, without any pain in my back. It is truly freeing. It’s a truly amazing.

I can’t say enough. Christa is an Earth Angel. Any session with her is a true blessing. I wish anyone who is suffering or in pain of any kind to reach out to her. Anything can be healed. With God, Love all things are possible. You can heal.

Aaron Marvin


I’ve been suffering from depression for quite some time and have done my best to manage it through meditation and mindfulness. Two weeks ago the depression and anxiety was once again consuming my existence. I shared my state of sorrow with Christa and she immediately offered to do a remote healing session for me. I agreed without hesitation knowing we are all connected.

Christa then asked me to find a quiet space and asked that I be open to receiving and she went to work right away.

Sitting quietly with my hand over my heart I concentrated on my breath while Christa worked her magic miles away from me.

Suddenly, I felt a rush of energy zipping through my system causing my head to move quite dramatically from side to side.

This spontaneous movement was not consciously initiated by me whatsoever. Some external force or energy triggered the movement I was experiencing while I was simply the observer.

For at least thirty seconds, my head gently moved from side to side and I continued to feel the energy and its effects.

The depression was immediately lifted and I felt better. The depression has been nearly absent for two weeks since the healing session with only a single slight episode that was minimal compared to before the energy healing. Christa followed up with me to see how I was doing and because it came back slightly, we did another session to see what was still lingering and cleared it and now it is now completely gone, never to return.

I honestly felt the healing and can attest that remote healing with Christa works and is effective.

I highly recommend Christa! Her energy is fantastic and her sincerity is authentic.

When looking for relief from any type of suffering, wether it is emotional or physical, I highly recommend Christa as a fantastic option to bring in the healing energy from source and the angelic realm. Christa is connected and is a gifted conduit for healing.

Christa, I believe in you. I believe in your work. I believe in your heart.


Phoenix, AZ

Christa embodies Christ…her ability to move between her unique gifts is superb.

Underlying this is the unconditional love that flows constantly throughout the healing.

I came to Christa after having seen a podcast of her talking about her NDEs and I was determined to get a session with her!

During the weeks that I waited, I watched everything I could on her…wanting to know everything about her.

I had written out the issues I had been having and stated what I wanted changed.

Christa listened patiently then picked up EVERY area (some which I hadn’t realized were to be healed!) and with her trademark grace and nonjudgmental way bought them up to me for healing.

With each one there was a lightness and my already wide smile would just get bigger!

This was how we worked through for 45 minutes…by the end the disease bipolar I had for over 35 years had been broken from me – I knew I was free!

Supernaturally this bondage, along with many other issues, had become a thing of the past!

I simply cannot thank Christa enough for sharing her God given gifts!

Youre a beautiful creation of our Lord Christa

God bless you

Linda Williams


My peroneal tendinitis is healed. I had been having pain in the outer side of my foot when Christa did a healing session with me. As she spoke in her light language I felt warmth in that foot, and the pain left me. My foot is healed. Thank you, Christa!


Scottsdale, AZ

I was blessed to have come into contact with Christa Marie. Each phone call is a major step for me. I can now walk without severe pain. I can now stand up straight and my spine straightened. The Blessings, prayer and contact with the universe gives me peace and guidance to come into the realm of faith and gratitude. Speaking with Christa is multi- leveled. Please think of yourself, speak to her, and feel better about yourself, your life, this life and everything about it. It’s amazing, she cares. I am privileged to write this testimonial.

Jo Marshall

I have had tooth pain for two months and in less than 20 minutes, over the phone, the pain was gone and it has been over a week now, and I still have not had any pain!

Eddie Tantoco, CPA

Scottsdale, AZ

Christa Marie healed my chronic fatigue-like symptoms with no reoccurrence since my session with her six months ago.

I was a competitive, long distance runner. I had just run a marathon in 2016 and placed 4th among women between 45-50. Then, I began experiencing chronic, physical symptoms of excessive exhaustion with episodes of fever and spending weekends in bed with flu-like symptoms. These symptoms persisted for four years. I began feeling like I was in a zombie-like state and sleeping through my time off from work and weekends. This was a huge and traumatic downturn in my life that brought on situational depression as the physical symptoms worsened. My regular heart rate fell into the 40s and my legs started to numb.

My primary physician sympathized. She had me consult a cardiologist and asked me to see a neurologist. The cardiologist mentioned a pace maker, but we both felt I was too young. And, I have yet to see the neurologist. The reason is because I haven’t had any of these symptoms reoccur since my session with Christa Marie.

The exhaustion, the fever, the flu-like symptoms, the numbing, the low heart rate, and the zombie-state all disappeared after my session with Christa Marie. I have no explanation for it other than this feels like a miracle. All I know is that it’s been six months and none of the symptoms have returned. Not one!

Christa Marie is the real deal and I look forward to future sessions with her about my personal growth during this time of a big change.

Thank you so much, Christa Marie!


Christa was God sent at a time when my family needed a miracle. Our mom contracted COVID and one of the conditions she developed was a very foggy brain. She couldn’t focus and struggled to find words. I went back to work after mom’s session with Christa and by the time I returned (2 hours later) we had our mother back. Her brain was clear again, her eyesight and feeling in her hands were improving. I know we are supposed to expect miracles all the time, but when it happens, it’s unforgettable. Christa is an earth angel.

Cathy Shanahan

After not having exercised for a long time, I pulled my back working out. I had a hard time getting up all day as a result of that. I contacted Christa and she suggested we do a remote healing session. The next morning, my back was back to normal! Thank you, Christa!


Tucson, AZ

This is Loida Torres. I watched Christa Marie in Jeff Mara’s podcast on the 17th of September, 2021. That was the time I’m looking for an answer on how I will feel better. It’s almost two months that I’ve been experiencing a very low energy that I cannot do my daily walk or simple exercise and I was in bed most of the time. My symptoms started after I’ve been doing techniques on how to eliminate negative thoughts & stay positive to be included in 4th density. I can easily reverse my negative thoughts but my body is harder to transform. I even ask the channeler on how my body energy will increase but no response and I even consulted a medium … suggested me to walk to nature. I could even hardly drive.I know I’m in good health cause I was just recently seen by MD. I texted Christa Marie soon I watched the podcast. Then I got a text messages & she sent me a prayer that I can listen anytime for healing. I didn’t waste time …. I listened several times the night I received it . The following day … I able to walk 800 steps… I do simple yoga… I do my cooking and most of all my dizziness is gone. I’m happier & at peace. Today is the 2nd day … I able to drive 30 miles away from my home & I did my grocery.
Thank you Christa for your generosity. Through the power of your love & deep compassion… I feel alive & well than before. 

Loida Torres

A Beautiful Soul and light worker Christa Marie.

I had the honour of being gifted an appointment from a friend to have healing with the wonderful Christa Marie.

Having issue of a personal nature for the past few months, I am 76 years old, and this was something I thought I would never have any more at my age. I have and will not have the current injection for the so called V. So it was hard to understand what was going on within my body, I have been a Animal Communicator all my life and I have been doing healing on Humans and Animals for the same time, never ever have I had healing from another healer, but on hearing Christa Maries encounter with God on her out of body experiences whilst her physical body was dead here on earth and she was returned into her body, is exceptional to say the least.

It was the most emotional and enlightening experience whilst Christa Marie took me through the healing process the tears were uncontrollable they just kept rolling down my face and when she went silent and was sending me healing I could feel some thing in my stomach, I asked the Archangels to show me and I could see two pairs of hands they were Gold in colour moving about in my body performing some healing, when I told Christa Marie she was able to confirm the hands of Jesus and Mary, the healing process continued for a while and next I could see Two Angels next to me and they told me to use my wings more often, next I was flying and floating using my wings, through this whole process I was made aware that I had held onto some childhood hurt from being different with my abilities and from being a vegetarian all my life, never ever eating meat, fish, poultry the taunting and teasing I had because of this one being my brother who thought it was fun? With all the letting go I have done personally I had never encountered this on those journeys, at the end of this wonderful session Christa Marie was told I am healed, I also had my Archangels telling me this as well. Christa Marie is a wonderful soul, and she has the real connection to God and the Higher Power, if you are nervous or not sure just relax and trust Christa Marie she has the healing power of the higher beings working through her, so believe is the next thing and you will be healed.

Maureen Rolls

United Kingdom

I had a non scheduled healing with Christa on November 17, 2021. I’ve been experiencing fear whenever I am sitting in our dining table. I noticed that there’s an energy on the corner where the picture frame of my Mom was hanging . My Mom passed away in 2012. Her photo has been in my house for many years.

It’s really bothering so I talked to Christa about it . She sent me a prayer to listen… plus she prayed as well.

She prayed several times. My fear amazingly resolved that night.Then I moved her photo in another part of the house per her advice. Since that night… there’s no more energy that bothers me. Thank you Christa. 🙏❤️👌

Loida Torres

My 7 year old son had a session with Christa Marie. I was mostly concerned about his vaccines. I wanted them to be transmuted. I was also considering seeing a doctor for a problem in his knee that was not going away with other powerful treatments. He hit his inner knee joint hard against concrete while playing, and it was very painful for over a week, with little to no improvement. The area where he hit his knee had a squishy shallow bump, as if it had liquid in it.

When he had his session, I was away watching him from afar. There was a beautiful energy in the air, and it felt so special. He was on the phone with Christa for about 10 minutes.

When he was done, he had an amazing glow in his eyes. He was emanating so much sweetness that even his 18 year old brother noticed it!

I asked him how he was feeling and he said, “100%” with a thumbs up. His knee problem was GONE! I tested it myself. No pain at all, when before he would hardly let me touch it because it was so painful.

Two days later I asked him more details about the vaccine transmutation.

He said that when Christa “took them out” he felt great, giving a big smile and expressing so much joy! He mimicked how he was feeling right before she transmuted them, making a gesture like ‘feeling down,’ as if something heavy was weighing on him, which was immediately lifted with Christa’s help.

My little boy is very happy about the experience, and I feel relieved and immensely thankful for Christa’s abilities and talent to work with little children!

Monica Almada


Amazing Experience! Just Imagine!

My name is M.W and I share this review in hopes that it may inspire and help someone who reads this.
I have been on my spiritual journey since Summer 2011. Part of this carries an interest in learning as much as I can about the afterlife and spirituality and healing etc. I spend hours binge watching videos about NDE’s and also about mediumship and spirits who have crossed over and much more.

In December of 2023, I was binge watching a YouTube channel called  “Life after Life NDE” and a video titled “Woman Dies; Reveals A Reason To Stop Negative Thoughts – Watch This Whenever You’re Stressed” popped up. It caught my attention so I watched it.

I learned about a woman Named Christa who had an NDE and lived to tell her amazing story. If you’re reading this review, chances are you know this story already. I found her story to be so amazing and with the gifts god has blessed her with, I believed in my heart she was the person I really wanted to reach out to in hopes that she could help me heal some of my own issues in my life. I immediately started sharing the YouTube video with other friends and family over the months. I live in Canada so the currency exchange rate to USD is horrid, I knew I couldn’t afford a session right away. Fast forward to April 2024.

My mother has been suffering with some health issues and I suggested that she book a session with Christa which would also be a good way to meet her as well. We did a FaceTime call. Right away upon connecting through video we were faced with technical difficulties, video and sound not working properly. We hung up and reconnected maybe 3-4 times. I tested my video many time prior to this, everything worked fine. Christa revealed that there was an energy present that did not want us to have this session. Little did I know that energy was connected to ME. Christa  told me she would hang up and text me. In the text she asked me if I have ever watched or viewed pornography on the device we were connecting from. I responded yes because I have. She told me that there were dark, low vibrational spirits intercepting the call that didn’t want us to have this session together.

Note: typically during a session Christa only allows one person at a time which allows her to better focus on the energy of the person who booked the session. But spirit told her that this session of my mothers would be of some benefit to me as well. She gave me a prayer to say out loud asking god to break the spirits of lust and pornography and right then and there she cleared and cleansed my space and any low energies holding over me. It is accurate to say that she was in fact correct. I had been struggling with looking at pornography for many years. It began accidentally as a teenager when a friend gave me a burned dvd. I didn’t know what was on it until I played it, but after being exposed to it, I never gave it back. It became a vice, an addiction and something that I struggled with for many many years well into adulthood.

Once the energy was clear we tried to connect the call again, and the call instantly connected with no problems. Christa immediately jumped in and began speaking light and healing me of this stronghold. That very second, as she spoke her light language I began to feel goosebumps and tingles from my toenails, through my feet up my leg, right up into my calves. It’s a tingle I’ll never forget. A very mild version of when your foot falls asleep. I felt the change working in me right away. my mother continued on for her hour session and then By the end of the session I packed up and left for work. When I got into my car I knew I felt different right away.

My thoughts felt different. my mind felt different. Please note that due to my addiction, I couldn’t go a single day without watching or thinking about porn. But when I got into my car my mind instantly felt different, clear, quiet. from that day forward I haven’t had a single thought or urge to watch it. It amazes me to think about it. you have no idea how much I struggled in silence with this, in shame, not a single soul knew, I signed up to blogs, joined online programs to try and rid myself of this disease. I failed every single time. Now it’s like it ALL just LEFT my body, vanished. And this new clarity I have has been just unbelievable. It’s amazing. And I’m so happy. Because outside of that struggle, this is not who I am. At all.

If I have a single thought pop up it is now so incredibly easy to just dismiss it and send it away. I have never been able to do that in my life. Ever. Imagine that! The reading wasn’t even for me! And yet, I was healed on one of my issues simply by proximity.

I had zero doubts about Christa and what god was doing through her. That very day when I discovered her and her story on YouTube  I knew right away that she was the person I wanted to reach out to. I’m glad I did. I can hardly wait to book a session of my own. I’m gonna tell the whole world about her!

She truly is THE REAL DEAL!
Christa, God BLESS you, God KEEP



Healed from emotional trauma and healing of foot injury.

Shoulder tear and cuff injury healed.

The mother’s child had suffered an injury to the knee and was healed and mother also requested removal of inoculations.

Healed from suicidal depression

Mom and son healed from sadness and stress by healing painting.

MUST WATCH….listen to the amazing healing Rayanne Dooley with MS and Lyme, in Ireland, is experiencing with distant remote healing sessions!

What People Are Saying About the Acuscope Myopulse Treatments…

Former NFL player and Scottsdale, AZ financial advisor Eddie Grant had pain and limited range of motion since his knee injury in his youth. He is pain free with full range of motion since his treatments at Restorative Health Solution.

Ryan shares about his daughter’s healing from sports injuries after being treated at Restorative Health Solution with Acuscope-Myopulse therapy.

Avril Jones talks about the amazing recovery of color vision she had lost due to a childhood accident.

Incredible results of healing from Ricky, a veteran from Iowa with PTSD.

This testimonial is from a veteran, awarding Christa the “Veterans Most Helpful Ally Award.”

Robert Burdsal, owner of Move-N-U, a moving company in Scottsdale, AZ, suffered from serious back pain. Hear his testimonial about Restorative Health Solution.

This testimonial is from a client who is a crossfit trainer and strength and conditioning coach. He had a knee injury and sustained muscle and tendon damage. He had done physical therapy and saw minimal results. After four Acuscope treatments his knee was 100% with full range of motion and no pain.

Amanda Katherine from Bettendorf, IA, came to Christa at Restorative Health Solution with leg pain and inflammation.

Karen from Fountain Hills, AZ shares the story of how her 10-year hip problem was healed after visiting Restorative Health Solution.

Brian Anderson talks about how he overcame his 15-year back pain with just a few Acuscope Myopulse treatments at Restorative Health Solution.

Michael shares how his back pain went away after being treated with Acuscope-Myopulse therapy.

Testimony from one of our patients from Iowa, who found our treatment to be the only solution for her chronic pain.

Atilla Vekony mentions Restorative Health Solution and the acuscope-myopulse treatment’s success during a Small Business Growth Summit event.

Aoefa from Tucson came to Christa with lower back and neck pain! Hear about the results!

Ed from Scottsdale, AZ, came to Christa at Restorative Health Solution with neck pain. Hear about the results!

I am so glad I took the step to contact Christa Feist. I cannot remember when I felt so alive, hopeful, and restored. I can’t even begin to think of where to start. My mood, focus, mental acuity, determination, will, concentration, cognitive processes, everything has improved 10 fold. After being a victim of the VA Health Care system, being prescribed this pill for that, and that pill to negate side effect of X medicine. If I laid it all out, it would look like a Quantum Physics equation…lol.

The positively astounding effects of this treatment, nutritional emphasis, moderated drinking, proper sleep hygiene, and physical activity daily is inexplicable. I have never felt so recharged, lifted, and ready to take on the world!

With these new changes, I rationalize thoughts that I would have dealt with in a completely different manner in the past. I’m beginning to see every adversity as an opportunity to overcome fear, insecurity, pride, hurting, and the plethora of other reasons why people interact the way they choose to.

I am ecstatic to return for more sessions. This is life changing and I can’t imagine returning to the abyss I was in a week ago!
I’m so thankful for everything that has transpired. It has and continues to be a gift from GOD.

Kaleb W.

U.S Army and Marines Veteran

The Electro-Acuscope treatments have yielded another benefit. My Raynaud’s Phenomenon condition is significantly improved. It took less than 4 seconds for the blood to circulate in my hand when it was compressed and released! That is a world of difference. I use to have to wear gloves all the time and even then my hands and toes would turn white and painful. Not anymore. I also would have to be limited as to what type of work I could do because of this condition. Installing cable outside during winter, handling frozen meat, or anything else involving cold were outside of my realm. Simply amazed. Thank you Christa Feist.

Kaleb W.

U.S Army and Marines Veteran

OMG! What an enormous difference with just a few treatments while visiting in the QCA. Back pain & depression substantially decreased even with all the work to duplex & stress of multiple “Real Life” as it happens events. If this can work that fast with physical & emotional issues alike, I suggest anyone with chronic symptoms check it out. Thank you Christa for improving my symptoms/preventing what could have been a setback situation. Feeling so much better now.

LoraLe W.

I have been suffering with foot problems for years. I have gone to foot doctors and have had inserts made to try to improve my walking and decrease foot pain. Nothing seemed to help. A friend recommended Christa and how she had helped with my friend’s problems. After my first visit I felt a lot less foot pain and numbness. I had been given a big improvement in my ability to walk pain free. Subsequent treatments have strengthened my ankle and eliminated numbness in my feet. I now feel I can go on walks and hikes without worrying about having sore feet. The treatment is non-invasive and requires no medication. I have my life back. For the first time in years I feel mobility security.

Anne D.

I was in severe pain everyday, all day. It got so bad I bought wrist braces so I could get a  little relief. It got to where both hands and fingers lost mobility, feeling, and range of motion. At one point I wasn’t able to use them. My first visit I couldn’t open my fingers, I had little to no feeling in my hands. By the time Christa was done my fingers were open, I could move them, and more importantly no severe pain. I still couldn’t move my wrists, but it was a huge improvement compared to when I got there. I also had sores that the treatment healed within a few days instead of taking a week or so to heal. As the treatments went on I got feeling back and the swelling went down. I was able to start therapy for range of motion by my 3rd treatment.

By my fifth treatment I was able to do some things that I did before like sewing a button on a pair of pants, work, and live without severe pain everyday. After the 6th treatment I am on my way to recovery under the watchful eye of Christa Feist. Thank you Christa for all of your help and getting me where I am today. If something didn’t tell you to watch the news that night I would never have known about Acuscope/Myopulse and I would still be in pain. Thank you to you and God for your healing.

Anissa S.

It is crazy how well the acuscope treatments work! Today I did a treatment for addiction to cigarettes and tobacco. That was at 11:15AM today. It is now 10:01PM and I have not had a single urge or craving for a cigarette. I am not even wearing a patch. Thank you Christa Feist!

Kaleb W.

U.S Army and Marines Veteran

I had a treatment last week on my knee, I was experiencing pain all the time and I had to stop running.The treatment Christa gave me was incredible! I left with no pain and the inflammation in the IT band was also gone! I can’t wait to see her again so she can work on my other knee. If your experiencing any kind of pain, give this a try, it’s pretty awesome.

Amanda A.

There used to be a burning pain in my back that I felt almost every day, and now, because Christa fixed my posture, I can run and do other activities without hurting! Thank you!

Sara V.

My name is Karla and I had a left total knee surgery on July 20th. I have been receiving these treatments from Christa since my surgery. It has completely rid me of most pain and inflammation and has definitely sped up my recovery process. It will be 8 weeks on Monday Sept 14th since my surgery. I have been released from my doctor to return to work at that time. Christa is a wonderful, caring, and intelligent woman. She has a tremendous desire to help people get rid of pain, anxiety, depression and many other issues people have to deal with on a daily basis. I highly recommend her to help you in any way she can. Give her a call for a consultation and schedule your first treatment now. You will not believe the difference until you try it!!!

Karla R.

I visited Christa’s Restorative Health Solution facility for her Acuscope/Myopulse treatments, initially as I was searching for a cure for my low vision.  I didn’t know what to expect, though I came to the treatments as a life-long athlete, with all of the typical chronic injuries to lower extremities, back shoulders and neck common to multi-sport athletes.  A few years ago I developed, subsequent to a bout of misdiagnosed meningitis, a deep vein thrombosis in my left leg, which ran from my groin to ankle. It had me bed-ridden for the treatments for 2 weeks before the doctor would let me move normally, and I stayed on blood thinners for 6 months. Since then, my left leg has always been swollen, with poor peripheral circulation, and discoloration of the calf, ankle and foot on that side.

As stated above, I was visiting Christa’s facility searching for a therapeutic aid for my low vision, as my eyesight was also a victim of the meningitis.  After undergoing just a few treatments, my feet were no longer swelling, and the discoloration was gone. This has remained the case since flying home and being here for a week’s time! An unexpected, but very important benefit is had.

Other benefits I’ve noticed are that my neck and back pain have disappeared, whereas before there was always a low-level, chronic nagging pain/discomfort which would interfere with my relaxation and sometimes my sleep. My hands and wrists, which used to ache a bit after strenuous exertion, have not done so after the past two workouts, and I’ve not had a headache since being treated.

Thanks Christa!

John P.

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