Much publicized medical research in the former Soviet Union suggested that electrical stimulation was the preferred choice for strengthening normally innervated muscle.

Although voluntary exercise is widely preferred by athletes to achieve strength, speed, and endurance, work reported by Dr. Yakov Kots suggests that voluntary exercise may not be the most effective means of improving strength in either atrophied muscles or in muscle already functioning at normal strength levels. Not only did Kots report that electrical stimulation-induced contractions produced 10-30% greater isometric force than did maximal voluntary contractions, but electrical stimulation-based programs resulted in strength improvements of 30%-40% in already highly trained athletes.

These electrical stimulation-based programs stimulate the deeper muscles as well as superficial muscles. When exercising muscles voluntarily, the muscle is torn down and then it has to rebuild. At that time lactic acid is released in the body as a result of not having enough oxygen to meet the demands of the muscle fibers.

The treatment used at Healing Head2Toe stimulates minor and major muscle groups simultaneously without the formation of lactic acid, because the circulation is increased at the cellular level, meeting the oxygen demands of the muscles. ATP is activated within the cells, while they are remineralized with protein, amino acids, and trace minerals.

The end result of our treatments is instantly firmer, stronger muscles with an overall increase in speed, strength, and endurance.